Bent Wrists Lesson #4: Read to Write

Time for another writing lesson!  First off, I thought I’d preach to you and sum up the last lesson.  It’s impossible to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth when you write.  No matter how hard you hit the gavel on the bench…it just ain’t going to happen (excuse my bad grammar).  You’re not in a court of law…you’re WRITING!  Remember that gaggle or google of butterflies from Lesson 3 that’s swarming in the air?  Well, you’re never going to catch them all in writing…but it’s sure FUN trying!

So, here’s another tip from a dip (I love rhyming…even if I have to call myself a dip).  To become a good WRITER…you must become a good READER! Continue reading

Bent Wrists Lesson #3: Word = World

McCall 109Okay!  Let’s get down to business.  You’ve learned how to keep your wrists from getting all bent out of shape in Lesson 1—that’s important!—and you’ve gathered how to freewrite in Lesson 2 by leaving your creative droppings all over the wide open range of the page to collect golden nuggets of ideas later on.

Well, now it’s later on!  What do you do with all those nuggets of ‘gold’ after you’ve found them in that mess of chaotic droppings on your page?  How do you start getting down to the business of writing? Continue reading

Bent Wrists Lesson #1: Carp in Tunnel Syndrome

Today starts the beginning of my Bent Wrists series of Writing Lessons.  Whether you plan to write with a pencil, pen, or use your computer keyboard, your wrists might get a little bent after a while.

This is called CARP IN TUNNEL syndrome—which is named after the 1983 Hoover Dam overflow in which lots of fish, especially CARP, went over the spillways and down the scary dam tunnels and became quite bent out of shape because of it.  As a teenager, I loved talking about those dam fish, the dam tunnels and the dam overflow (it was the only time I could legally swear in front of my mom…and I abused the privilege heartily). Continue reading