Settings of Secrets

is for Setting.

Stories, settings, sagas, and my 2nd book, Secret Keepers, all start with the Sacred letter S.  I love writing Stories, and pondering different Settings. In Secret Keepers, my main character, Suvi (another S word), heads back to Israel, hoping to draw danger away from her fiancee, James, in Boise, Idaho. Continue reading

Sotah…not Soda!

Time for another book review.  I love books, in case you didn’t know.  I just thought you should know.  Aren’t you glad you know?  Maybe you don’t care.  I’ll shut up now and get on to the review.

Today I’m going to tell you about Sotah, by Naomi Ragen.  This isn’t a book to appease your carbonation craving.   Sorry!  You’ll still have to go down to your local 7-11 to satisfy your soda sensations.  This is S-O-T-A-H.   It kind of sounds like soda, but it’s not…so stop thinking Pepsi, okay!  Carbonation’s bad for your tummy; books aren’t…which is why I eat and drink them up instead.

Sotah is the Hebrew term for wayward wife.  The main character in this book is Dina Reich, a young woman living in Meah Sherim—Jerusalem’s ultra-Orthodox haredi enclave. Continue reading