Moving on

Life has been crazy around here for the last few months. I sold my house in Idaho last month, but am renting it back from the new owner until my daughter graduates. My husband’s job is moving him to Utah this summer, so we’ve been driving there way too much looking for houses. We found one, and it officially closed today so that I can say I own it. Here’s a picture. Isn’t it cute? I like it, but there will be lots of work to do since it’s new (window coverings, landscaping, finishing the basement, and probably other things I haven’t thought of; ugh). I swore I’d never get a new house again…but I fell in love with this one when we came across it almost finished. Now I’ll swear again…that I will never get a new house after this. We’ll see if I listen to myself in the future.


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Lessons from my Irises

Iris__KG21I love my irises.  They are not only extremely beautiful, but priceless with sentiment.  They are from my grandma’s yard in LaVerkin, Utah.  I planted them in uniform patterns—pink, purple, pink…burgundy, yellow, burgundy…and other cool designs.  But soon after they stopped blooming, I redid my yard and had to hurry and dig them up and throw them in buckets before the landscapers came and excavated. Continue reading

The Riskiest Profession on earth…and Irises

P1000748Today is IRIS DAY!  There’s a day for everything, but since I love Irises, I’ll talk about this one.  Yesterday I posted about wildflowers and Moms.  Today I will write about Irises and the riskiest profession on earth.

I have hundreds of irises in my backyard.  When I spent a week taking care of my grandma, my brother was good to go out and divide Grandma’s irises and give me a bag with all different color bulbs to plant in my own yard when I went home.  Grandma died in 2010, but I still have all her irises in my yard. Continue reading