What’s happening HERON Boise


I absolutely love where I live!  I really do.  Boise, Idaho is a quaint, comfortable city that isn’t too big…and isn’t too small.  And it has a cool name that is easy to remember when you’re a kid learning your state capitals; “Boysies and Girlsies live in Idaho.”  Clever, huh?

There are miles and miles of paths and trails that meander along the Boise River, starting at Lucky Peak Dam and going all the way through Boise and Garden City and ending in Eagle.

The Greenbelt has lots of parks along it…and a zoo.  Boise State University cozies up next to it as well (Go Broncos!).

Being a desert rat, I feel like Boise is lush and green (I know Easterners will laugh at that, but compared to Nevada & Southern Utah, it’s a garden paradise.  Trust me).

Things I see HERON Boise are: Continue reading

Sawtooth Range–Camping in Heaven

RedFish Lake 010Spring fever is kicking in big time.  With everything finally getting green and temperatures warming up, I am growing very excited for summer camping.  One of my favorite places to go is the Sawtooth Mountains in central Idaho.

This is a picture of Redfish Lake.  The campgrounds here are so serene and quiet.   Get up in the early morning so that you can get perfect reflection pictures before the breeze picks up and makes the lake more rippled. Continue reading

Bruneau Dunes–Not enough sand!

021I had a sandbox growing up that was my favorite spot in the world!  The kitties liked it too, which ticked my dad off big time.   Today, I’m going to introduce you to a sandbox that puts my childhood one to shame (and the only kitties using this one are of the bobcat variety).

Bruneau Dunes State Park in southwestern Idaho is a great place for winter or early spring exploring.  My kids have a blast here.  The western-most dune is reported to be the largest single-structured sand dune in North America, rising 470 feet above the lakes.   That’s way bigger than my sandbox in Las Vegas.

In the spring and fall, there are wildflowers…which I have a weakness for.  My family gets annoyed with me and flowers.  I cannot pass one by without pulling my camera out.  Even though I hate bugs, I will crawl and sprawl on the ground (where I am more bug susceptible) just to capture Continue reading

Be Admirable

001I love when I find a quote that justifies my existence.  C.S. Lewis has done this for me today.  Here’s the cool quote.  I hope it makes your day like it did mine.

“Eating and reading are two pleasures that combine admirably.”

Thank you, Clive, for making me feel so wonderful about my life.  Reading does make me hungry; so does looking through old pictures and finding one like this.  This cinnamon roll is actually big enough to last me through Continue reading

Beware of Snakes

RedFish Lake 100

Today I’m going to give you some sound advice…BEWARE OF SNAKES!  They can eat you.  I watched a movie where a snake followed a boat down some creepy jungle river; it was the size of the Tremors snakes (which scared me for years.  I still tread very carefully so they don’t hear me walking).  To ruin the movie for you, basically the big scary snake eats almost everyone!

My son didn’t heed my advice and almost got choked by a green snake.  I beat it with a broom and saved my kid (that’s what mom’s do!)…and then I wrapped that snake up on my son’s curtain rod as a sign to other snakes to stay away from my boy! Continue reading

Frozen Snowballs!

1974 Snowman in Vegas

Finally…our first snowfall here in Boise.  This picture isn’t Idaho…but I like it anyway.  It proves that dreams do come true (even if you’re not at Disneyland).  This was a snowstorm in Las Vegas, Nevada (probably one of  two times it snowed there as I grew up).

What I remember is that we made snowballs and put them in the freezer because we thought it would be awesome to have a snowball fight in the summer when it was 110 degrees outside. Continue reading

Be Progressive


Sawtooth Lake--Iron Creek Trail, Idaho

I love hiking.  Once when I was a teen—with a young amazing body that could hike circles around this older body of mine—I got ahead of my dad and sister and was blazing the trail.  At first it was steep and rocky, but soon the path widened and became smoother and easier.  I was loving life.

Until I heard calls from my family and looked about to see where they were.  To my surprise, they were half way up the steep ridge behind me.  I didn’t understand, and looked at them in bewilderment.  They hadn’t passed me.  I was in the lead.  So how in the world were they above me on the trail? Continue reading

White Winters—or the lack thereof?

Winter 2008 025Let it snow ALREADY! It’s January and there is no white! That was okay when I lived in Nevada, but I’m in Idaho, for Pete’s sake. I’d like to go x-country skiing and make a snowman…and Ginger wants to eat it!

Never would I have thought I’d be wishing for snow as an adult.  Snow makes driving a white knuckle experience, but I’d sacrifice and put up with that if the snow would just start doing its job.  January is weird without white! Continue reading