Just Breathe!

This book is discounted through September 7th. Taylor Dean is one of my favorite authors, so if you’ve wanted to read her books before and haven’t yet…now’s a great time to get this dollar deal. Hope you enjoy! Read my review of I Have People HERE.

This past week brought lots of happy surprises for my family. My oldest got engaged to an awesome guy I love so much, and my 2nd daughter received her mission call to Seoul, Korea. I’m pretty excited for both of them…although it means my life will be super, super busy for the next 2-4 months getting them both ready. Yikes! [Breathe deeply! I can do this]

I just got back from a camping trip and have loads of laundry to do so my house doesn’t smell like a campfire.  [Breathe deeply…without choking on campfire scent. I can do this] Continue reading

Books I’ve been Loving

Okay! I had to delete 2 words from my title. My husband snuck in and added “About Zombies” and I almost published it with that. He was hoping I would. I have to stay on my toes around here.

But besides watching out for zombies, I’ve been reading a lot this summer. Several books I’ve even read a second time because I loved them so much. They are like comfort food (except with less calories). Here are some of my highlights (zombies not included).

I have People by Taylor Dean – This one has emotional depth as it deals with domestic abuse. Holly Sinclair wakes up from an 8-month coma and wants only her husband. But Gabe and Angela (her best friend) seem anxious about her missing memories, which Continue reading