Grapes of Wrath & Yoda for Prez

genevieve's house 002 With all the political hoo-haw going on right now, I feel like I’m in the midst of the grapes of wrath. I don’t usually let politics get to me, but this presidential race is ridiculous. Candidates are yelling and making ugly faces as they badmouth everyone who doesn’t agree with them (especially He Who Will Not Be Named).

I haven’t even got to vote in a Primary Election yet, but I’m just shaking my head and thinking…What is wrong with everybody? I’m not going to have a single person left to vote for that has any decency or common sense because they all keep dropping out. Has our country gone insane? Why does anyone fall behind a bully and liar and let fear overrule their wisdom? Continue reading

The Power of Kindness

My thoughts have been turned toward the victims and survivors of the recent tragedy. It is so sad and baffling to me. Those children in that elementary school were good. Those teachers and administrators that sacrificed and did their best to protect those little ones were good as well.

But what about the shooter? Was there any scrap of goodness in him?

We will never know, since we aren’t God and can’t know all the experiences, weaknesses, troubles, and emotional drama of his life. Continue reading