Trick or Treat (my style)

Halloween is just around the corner. I was never the kind of kid who did the TRICK part of Halloween, but (as you probably can tell from all the chocolate drizzled into my posts), I really get into the TREAT part of this holiday. So Happy Halloween! Here are some TREATS from me. You can pretend it’s an edible message. Yum! Continue reading

Happy Halloween and Nevada Day!

P1010928Just wanted to wish everyone a fun, candy-filled Halloween and Nevada Day. Nevada has the coolest State birthday EVER! I’m making pumpkin soup right now (it’s my favorite Halloween tradition…as well as Nevada Day tradition and every other week tradition because it is so yummy. Click HERE for the recipe. You’ll like it if you like pumpkin and bacon).

Ginger is moping at my feet because I didn’t give her a taste of the crunchy delicious bacon. Maybe I’ll give her one since she’s a native Nevadan like me. There you go, girl. Now stop biting at your pumpkin costume!

Since I need to get this soup ready before my family takes off in different Halloweeny Continue reading

My! Aren’t we fancy?

P1000290My dog’s pretty mellow.  Sometimes I call her Yellow Dog (from Chevy Chase’s Funny Farm).  I love the scene where Andy grabs the tongs to get Yellow Dog’s tail out of the fire.  I laugh every time.

Ginger isn’t quite that mellow; her tail is an entity unto itself and if it had landed in the fire, probably would have burned our house down since it would have strewn hot embers and burning logs all across the living room.  But besides that tail of hers, she is EXACTLY like Yellow Dog…almost. Continue reading