Animal Anomalies

 is for Animals

My daughter’s friend has a unique gift. She can look at a person and figure out what animal they resemble. She’s usually dead-on too.

So for my first post in the A to Z challenge, I want to challenge you to leave a comment about what animal you think you’re most like. I will respond with what animal I think you are (this might be easy for those of you I know; if you’re a first timer, I’ll just have to do my best to guess your ‘animal vibe.’) Continue reading

My life’s not going to the dogs

My dog, Ginger, is the smartest, sweetest, saintly dog alive!  She’s also the stupidest!

Whenever we start to believe she’s a brainiac because she picks up on when we change shoes (which means it’s walk time), or when she perks her ears up and stands and starts stretching when someone happens to say the word WALK, or knows it’s time to go get the mail because my husband leaves his office and walks to the front door at 3 pm, we usually can be relieved of our fear that she’s going to take over the earth like the monkeys did on Planet of the Apes by just pulling out a simple flashlight. Continue reading

Color-Blind Retriever

April-May 028My dog is a golden retriever. I thought that meant she’d be good at retrieving things, but she’s not.  She loves catching, but things usually drop first or bounce before she gets them. Occasionally she’ll catch a Frisbee in the air and we clap and congratulate her as she trots back to us with a BIG SMILE.

Ginger:  [Pant, pant, pant] Did you see that catch! Did you see it? I can die happy now! That was a great catch! Continue reading

Ginger the Sled Dog…Mush, Mush!

Winter08-09 005

Ginger, the sled dog, loves winter.  This is due to her genetic nose disorder–called Snow Nose–which gives her the false illusion that she’s an Alaskan Husky training for the Iditarod.

Even though Ginger dreams of running with the world’s elite snow doggies in this grueling race, if you’ve read past posts, you will know that if Ginger ever entered the Iditarod, she would lose!  LAST PLACE!  LAME-O!  LOSER!  Sorry, girl…but you know deep inside its true. (I’m talking to Ginger now)

You just don’t have the stamina to do a 1,049 mile race.  Nor do you have the willpower to resist eating all that Alaskan snow between Anchorage and Nome.  When you tired after about 100 feet and laid down to start eating the fluffy white stuff, the other dogs on your team would hate you…and maybe gang up on you and throw you to the side to be eaten by a polar bear (which I’ve heard isn’t a fun experience). Continue reading

Why I love my Dog!

yellowstone 012To preface this, I’m not a dog person.  I’m a Ginger person.  Ginger’s my golden retriever, and she’s the most awesome hairy rug I’ve ever had.  These are things I love about her:

1.    I potty trained her in a week.  None of my kids were done that fast!

2.    I can say mean things in a nice voice and she’ll wag her tail and grin at me.

“Ginger, who’s the stinkiest, stupidest, hairiest dog in the world? That’s right! You are! Your breath kills brain cells; your hair clogs vacuums; and you chase red dots from pen lighters. You’re a complete and utter DORK!”

…And she sits at my feet as I berate her and shines that golden grin on me. Continue reading

White Winters—or the lack thereof?

Winter 2008 025Let it snow ALREADY! It’s January and there is no white! That was okay when I lived in Nevada, but I’m in Idaho, for Pete’s sake. I’d like to go x-country skiing and make a snowman…and Ginger wants to eat it!

Never would I have thought I’d be wishing for snow as an adult.  Snow makes driving a white knuckle experience, but I’d sacrifice and put up with that if the snow would just start doing its job.  January is weird without white! Continue reading