Lake Powell 4: Slots of Fun

121Sorry for neglecting posting.  I’ve been out of town and had very limited wi-fi (frustrating); but, I’m home and can now conclude my Lake Powell trip.  Lake Powell has so many facets to it, that I couldn’t possibly cover it all…but I have tried.  On the flight home, I actually saw part of Lake Powell from the air, and it was magnificent!

You have the houseboat part of Lake Powell, which is lethargic and lazy.  You anchor Continue reading

Lake Powell 2–Stakes are Rising

108When I left off last time, we had just turned off the main channel and headed down a jiggy-jaggy canyon to start our Lake Powell adventure. This photo shows where our final destination.

Our good captain pulled in, turned off the motor, and the men went to work anchoring the boat.  They did this by taking huge stakes and pounding them into the ground to keep the boat from floating away.  Once they were in, Continue reading