5 Reasons to read Game Changer

If you’ve already read my new book, Game Changer, then Thank You! If you haven’t, I brainstormed five reasons to get your copy and read it immediately. Hold onto your britches, because I know you’re excited to read these. Here you go.

Reason #1 – You’ll lose weight!!!

scaleGame Changer is a good substitute for food that might make you fat. Oh my! I said the F word. Sorry. 2 F words, in fact. Food and fat. Oops. I said them again. Shame on me. But really, this book gives you the sense that you’re eating yummy food like sticky, sweet orange chicken or huckleberry ice cream without all the calories. Who can pass that up? Not me. Just ask the chocolate chip cookies that were on my counter this morning.

Reason #2 – You’ll laugh!!!

laughSorry. I keep screaming each number, but exclamation marks are so cute and fun to use. But you will laugh. A lot. Parker is a hoot. Everything that comes out of his mouth and that he does makes me giggle. He’s one of the MC (main characters), and I love the fun-loving football player.

Reason #3 – You’ll learn everything you wanted to know about football!!!

bal goalHopefully, you don’t want to learn much. But if you need to know that touchdowns are good, and players wear pads and things like that…this is your book! You can’t leave home without it.

Reason #4 – You’ll feel good!!!

goodSince Game Changer is a romance, it ends happily-ever-after. Did you know that EVERY romance has to end happy…or it’s not a romance? Go figure. So Tess of d’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy is NOT a romance, even though one part of it had a romantic element. It ends tragic, so no-go to the romance genre. Sorry, Mr. Hardy. Game Changer definitely ends happy though, and you might even laugh. (see #2)

Reason #5 – Because I told you so!!!

Because I said so!That’s the MOM in me coming out. Sorry. But like I tell my kids all the time, that’s a good enough reason. So I’m leaving it here as my final reason. That’s usually what happens with the kids too when I’m too tired to come up with more reasons.

There you go. Five awesome reasons to read Game Changer this week. Maybe even today! Don’t weight. Ooops. I mean don’t wait! But if you go with Reason #1, the don’t weight works too.

bigbingereading2Also, if you love to read series books, here’s a great site I just found that promotes series books all on one page (in different genres). Some of these are discounted right now or even free. My first set of suspenseful romance (Bending Willow Trilogy) is on there at discounted rates. So check it out and enter the giveaway. Who knows? Maybe you’ll win.

Happy Reading!


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