Bent Wrists Lesson 9: Cheer Camp for Writers

We’ve had a lot of lessons so far.  Feel free to go back and rehash old material.  Writing lessons never get old.  You finish one story…and it’s back to the drawing board to start again.

Now in any sports event (except maybe curling) there are cheerleaders to motivate the team and spur them on to action and winning!  When you write, it’s important to have your own cheer squad—a friend, spouse, kids…a dog…yourself–because a cheer squad is vital to success!

Learn these 4 cheers and you will be unstoppable in writing!  I’m dead serious!  These cheers are magic and will help motivate you to write like nothing else can (except maybe Zombies).

Ready…begin!  Imagine swirling pompoms and long legs kicking in the air and dazzling smiles and exuberant voices as you do these. Continue reading

Squirrels Just Wanna Have Fun

The Douglas Squirrel (Tamiasciurus douglasii) ...

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Guess what? You’ll never guess.  Okay, I’ll tell you because I can’t stand suspense!  It’s SQUIRREL APPRECIATION DAY.  Aren’t you happy?

Well, I am.  I think squirrels are cute.  They’re good acrobats, can jump through trees…and can even run along electrical wires (that’s talent).   At work, I’ve watched them play tag in the trees—and they’re very funny.  A coworker left food outside her window for a squirrel.  One summer day, she propped her window open and Mr. Squirrel surprised her and ran in across her desk and then all over the room trying to say Hi to all of us!  Whee!   Just like that Cindy Lauper song says:  Squirrels Just Wanna Have Fun! Continue reading