Forget about it!

20130711_193002I’ve been an editing machine lately. I worked through my 3rd book five times looking for different things before I sent it off to my beta-readers. Now I’m rereading Book 1 to make it better. When the final book is done in the Eyes of Light series, I want to promote all 3 at once (since I haven’t done much marketing for Book 2).

The bad thing about editing and writing for me is that I forget about things. I turned on my hose this morning to deep water my berries and left to go write. 10 hours later, I finally remembered the hose was still running. Yikes!

Needless to say, my berries got VERY DEEP watered. There is a pool out in my firepit area now. Luckily, it is irrigation water from the canal, so I won’t have a big bill like I would have had in Las Vegas for overwatering. Whew! Continue reading