The Riskiest Profession on earth…and Irises

P1000748Today is IRIS DAY!  There’s a day for everything, but since I love Irises, I’ll talk about this one.  Yesterday I posted about wildflowers and Moms.  Today I will write about Irises and the riskiest profession on earth.

I have hundreds of irises in my backyard.  When I spent a week taking care of my grandma, my brother was good to go out and divide Grandma’s irises and give me a bag with all different color bulbs to plant in my own yard when I went home.  Grandma died in 2010, but I still have all her irises in my yard. Continue reading

Moments, Mothers, and Wildflowers

Hawaii_2 156Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away. (Author Unknown)

Today I want to write about Wildflowers.  The 2nd week of May is Wildflower Week, which is appropriate, since it’s also Mother’s Day on Sunday (mothers and flowers go together well).

When I lived in Las Vegas, I took a class on Wildflowers and we went out on field trips Continue reading