Lake Powell 3: Surfing the Waves

063Wow!  This Lake Powell Post is taking longer than I anticipated. After the harrowing weather heaved us into a cliff last time, the sun came out and life was calm and peaceful once more–perfect conditions for SURFING!

Our relatives had a cool surfing boat.  I’m not technical, so forgive me for my simplified description, but basically we’d stop and Craig would push a button and the boat would take on water Continue reading

McElligot’s Pool

When I was a kid (don’t roll your eyes…I pinky promise I’m not going to tell you I walked uphill to school both ways)…I had certain books that I would check out over and over again from the library.  Even as I got into 5thgrade, I would slyly check out McElligot’s Pool by Dr. Seuss and try to hide it under a ‘big’ book so no one else would see it and laugh at me.

I LOVED this book!  I never tired of the story…and especially the pictures!  They were so insanely inventive and Continue reading

Bent Wrists Lesson #1: Carp in Tunnel Syndrome

Today starts the beginning of my Bent Wrists series of Writing Lessons.  Whether you plan to write with a pencil, pen, or use your computer keyboard, your wrists might get a little bent after a while.

This is called CARP IN TUNNEL syndrome—which is named after the 1983 Hoover Dam overflow in which lots of fish, especially CARP, went over the spillways and down the scary dam tunnels and became quite bent out of shape because of it.  As a teenager, I loved talking about those dam fish, the dam tunnels and the dam overflow (it was the only time I could legally swear in front of my mom…and I abused the privilege heartily). Continue reading