What the Goose? It’s a FREE deal.

2015-05-15 17.14.39We have lots of these beauties where I live. They can be majestic at times…and downright terrifying at others. When it’s mating season, don’t mess with them. I’ve had a male attack my van tire as I was driving down the street and he thought I was too close to his woman. I’ve also seen two male geese fighting in the air and knock into a lady ahead of me on the trail and about scare the bejeebers out of her (if you don’t know what bejeebers are…just wait until a goose attacks you and you’ll know EXACTLY what they are).

When I saw this goose proudly claiming this bench in my favorite park…I let him have it.

What the goose does any of this have to do with a FREE deal. Absolutely nothing. Geese just were on my mind for some weird reason (due to my son’s evil genius mind). Continue reading

Tour de Hands-Day 1

cityBikeRidersIt’s a little cold for biking right now, but my book, Hands of Mercy, wanted some exercise still. So starting today, my Bending Willow Trilogy books will be racing through other sites for the first official Tour de Hands. That’s right, and you have front row seats for this riveting race of words.

Today, Eyes of Light (Vol. 1) is in the lead over at Taylor Dean’s blog down in Texas. Taylor is not only one of my favorite authors, but she’s also Continue reading

Power of Names

Names wield power. They can be used for good or bad. Kids sometimes use them to destroy on the playground. You get labeled Ugly or some other demeaning nickname and it can scar you for life. God used names to show a transformation to a higher calling…like Abram to Abraham.

In this scene from Eyes of Light, the power in a name is shown. Suvi has just met James (Jamie) for the first time and learned his name. She changes it, and it symbolizes the change in him as well. Continue reading

Humor to Survive

My character, Austan, has lived a hard life. Humor plays a big part in who he is, but it’s actually a survival skill that’s helped him get through hard times and a way to mask his vulnerability. Suvi loves him because of his carefree personality. I also love people like Austan who can throw out a joke or a witty barb almost as easily as a smile. His humor draws Suvi in and helps her forget her Continue reading

‘Eyes’ on Soccer

SONY DSCLast time, you met Austan from my Bending Willow Trilogy. His character lives and breathes soccer. He used to play college soccer until he blew out his knee; that’s when he was recruited by the CIA and became an undercover NCS operative. In Eyes of Light, he wins Suvi’s heart as he teaches her soccer moves in her backyard and then tricks her into playing on his indoor team.

I love watching soccer. I only played one year as a kid and my team was so bad that I overheard a parent from the opposing team say, “They shouldn’t be called the Strikers…they should be called the Strikeouts.” Continue reading

Interview with Austan

AustaneditedI have a special treat for you today. I’ve managed to snag a live interview with Austan Sandoval, an ex-NCS officer who has experience with Central American drug cartels, computer hacking, and also has amazing soccer skills. He’s the guy most women have a secret crush on, so wish me luck. Ahhh! He’s here.

Thank you so much for allowing me to interview you, Mr. Sandoval. This is a big deal for me.

Austan: The pleasure’s all mine, Mrs. Stastny…and call me Austan. Mr. Sandoval was my father. May I call you Char?

Continue reading

Character Interview – Suvi

shutterstock_115406902Today, I have Suvi Goldstein here with us to tell us more about herself. Suvi is the heroine in the Bending Willow Trilogy and has weathered a lot of storms. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer a few questions.

Suvi: No problem. I’m glad I could make it.

If you could live anywhere, where would you live? Continue reading

More on James – Missions

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, young men age 18 are asked to serve a 2 year mission. Young women age 19 and older can serve if they so desire for 18 months, and many do (my daughter is serving in South Korea right now and loves it).

My character James in Eyes of Lightwho you were introduced to last week–serves a mission in Guatemala when the story begins. I based his experiences off my little brother’s mission there about eight years ago. His letters fascinated me. I tease my brother that my character James is like him—only cool. (Siblings can get away with being rude in a loving way like that) 🙂 Continue reading

Character Interview – James

JamesYou’re in for a special treat today. I promised extra behind-the-scenes posts from the Bending Willow Trilogy, and that’s what you’ll get. I’ve invited James Hinton to be with me today to answer a few questions. Please give him your complete attention since he’s missing his Genetics class right now to be here.

All right, James. Thank you so much for meeting with me.

James: It’s my pleasure…anything I can do to help out. I love your Bending Willow Trilogy.

You should, since you’re one of the main characters in it. Well, let’s get started. I know you need to go soon. Are you a cat or dog person? Continue reading

I can do anything!

October 6,2010 018Whoohooo! I have made my first book trailer for Eyes of Light. It probably won’t win any Academy Awards for cinematography, but I’m dang proud of it and love to watch it. The beginning somehow got flubbed up when I created the final version (and I’m too irritated to go in and try to fix it), so just know that the first words are “Triggers of Tragedy.” Alliteration (I love it).

Anyway, here it is for your enjoyment. It will provide you about 1 minute and 26 seconds of pure entertainment. Continue reading