Why I love my Dog!

yellowstone 012To preface this, I’m not a dog person.  I’m a Ginger person.  Ginger’s my golden retriever, and she’s the most awesome hairy rug I’ve ever had.  These are things I love about her:

1.    I potty trained her in a week.  None of my kids were done that fast!

2.    I can say mean things in a nice voice and she’ll wag her tail and grin at me.

“Ginger, who’s the stinkiest, stupidest, hairiest dog in the world? That’s right! You are! Your breath kills brain cells; your hair clogs vacuums; and you chase red dots from pen lighters. You’re a complete and utter DORK!”

…And she sits at my feet as I berate her and shines that golden grin on me. Continue reading