Cooking for an Elephant

I just finished a series of posts on breaking pebbles into sand in order to fit them into your daily jar.  But, what do you do when you can’t break something up—like cooking for an elephant?

I’m glad you asked.

I went to Girl’s Camp last week and cooked for about 300 people.  There was no way to break that task up into bite size pieces.  All week I felt like I was feeding an elephant…and he was ravenous!

350 baked potatoes, please.  17 hams.  600 pancakes.  400 gallons of mashed potatoes.  (The elephant was super hungry) Continue reading

Pumpkin Soup—It’s what cool people eat!

P1010871I found out that January is NATIONAL SOUP MONTH. Whoohoo! I like soups. If you’ve read my bio in ABOUT, you know that Pumpkin Soup’s my favorite!

I first found this recipe for a Halloween dinner a few years ago, and thought it sounded weird…but fun! I tweaked a few ingredients after making it the first time…and now it’s one of my family’s favorites (definitely mine—I could eat this stuff every day if my husband would let me). It’s a great one for fall (or all year long if you’re like me).

So in honor of National Soup Month, here’s the recipe for you to try (if you like pumpkin and if you like bacon…that’s very important) Continue reading