Scattering Seeds

DSC01131It kind of hit me that we’re always scattering seeds of some kind as we travel along life’s path. Sometimes we might drop weed seeds as we complain or grumble or gossip about somebody that’s stepped into our way in life. Hopefully, more often, we’re scattering seeds of kindness and happiness to be reaped by others following after us.

There are many people who walked the path ahead of me that dropped many wonderful seeds that have bloomed for my enjoyment. My Grandma is one of these people. She always smiled and spoke only good about people. Because of her positive seeds she planted, my life has been better. Remembering her makes me wonder about my own seeds I’m leaving behind me. Are my children and grandchildren (some day) and friends going to enjoy life more because of the flowers I made bloom. Or will they have to chop through icky weeds because I planted discord Continue reading