Trick or Treat (my style)

Halloween is just around the corner. I was never the kind of kid who did the TRICK part of Halloween, but (as you probably can tell from all the chocolate drizzled into my posts), I really get into the TREAT part of this holiday. So Happy Halloween! Here are some TREATS from me. You can pretend it’s an edible message. Yum! Continue reading

Tribute to Candy

Using my Holiday bible—aka the internet (it’s so handy for useful information like that)—I found out that JUNE is CANDY MONTH!  Yea!!!

To celebrate, I wrote a candy tribute.  I’ll warn you that if you’re on a diet, you may not want to read this.  June’s a stupid month to diet though–since it’s Candy Month!  Start your diet in July instead (I promise not to talk about candy then).  Hope you enjoy…and please don’t drool all over your computer. Continue reading