Miscellaneous Mishmash…and why boys are weird

DSC01770The weather is perfect right now! I love when the trees and bushes start to change colors and there is a tiny nip in the air. Our family took a walk yesterday on the greenbelt to enjoy the beauty! Hope you are enjoying your weather wherever you live!

Today I’m being interviewed over at Linda Clarke’s blog about my Eyes of Light series. Pop on over to her site and find out weird facts about me, and hopefully, not so weird facts about my books. Continue reading

Visiting Arches Part 2: Conquering the Enemy

Christina 5-3-09 166Hopefully you read Part 1 of Visiting Arches (because in case you didn’t notice…this is Part 2).  Don’t read things out of order.  It causes brain damage.  To save your brain in case you clicked here on accident, here’s the handy link to go back in time to PART 1.

If you’re current, then congratulations.  You’re Einstein, and we can continue with the itinerary; just keep your scientific formulas to yourself. Continue reading

Visiting Arches: Arch Enemy #1

Christina 5-3-09 061Arches National Park is a great place to go when the mountains are still covered in snow and ice. This red, arid desert just outside of Moab, Utah is amazing.

Here you will find odd shaped sandstone formations, fins, pinnacles, spires, balanced rocks and, or course…arches (duh)—it has over 2,000 of them.

We met some relatives here for spring break a couple years ago. Having left a relatively warm Idaho, we expected nice warm weather farther south…but that’s not what we got. Continue reading