Bent Wrists Lesson #2: Let Chaos Reign…or Freewriting

Yellowstone--Obstinate Buffalo

How are your wrists doing?  I hope you’re being careful and using the pointers I gave you in Lesson #1…ergonomic helps, wrist flapping…and if all else fails, a good phlegm filled spit to your wrist.  Keep “carp in tunnel” away so you are ready to WOW the WORLD with your writing—or at least, yourself.

Today’s lesson deals with CHAOS!  (Drumroll please…Dum, dum, dum!)

If you want to enjoy writing, you must be willing to pass through the portal of rules into the groovy world of chaos!  Let me explain before you roll your eyes and click to Facebook to see who’s put up another picture of themselves in front of a mirror. Continue reading