Blog Beginnings

FRESHI love new beginnings!

Every time a new year begins, I feel like I can make a fresh start as I think of ways to improve, things to learn, and actions to do.

Even though I’ve blogged for 4 years, I gravitated to the lazy side last year (for which I will hang my head in shame). But for the new year, I decided to get a wee bit crazy (and by a bit, I mean an itsy-bitsy millimeter or two on the wild side; I shoot BIG!).

To keep my blog well-rounded (like the scrumptious orange), I created some awesome new Continue reading

2 Years of Memories

Two years ago today, I started this blog. I would say I deserve some chocolate to celebrate, but I already have too much (thanks to my kids who know me well and tried to outdo each other in pleasing me this Christmas). So instead of feasting on food, I’ll feast on blogging memories.

I started out with a BANG–posting a couple times a day for the first few days to fill up my blog so it didn’t look empty. I’m awed at my writing endurance back then. Whew! It makes me tired just reading back through everything.

In the beginning, I was very idealistic. I thought it would be easy to post daily, but learned very quickly that it’s not. Blogging is rewarding, but it Continue reading