DSCN9570It has been a rough few months, but there is still so much to be grateful for in my life. I just spent a few days down in Vegas with my mom and youngest daughter, and that made me realize just how precious each moment in life really is.

My mom suffered a severe stroke in September which stole her speech and movement on her right (dominant) side. It’s been a long recovery (and probably still a lot more to go), but I am so tickled pink by her progress. She is learning to communicate again and each word she manages to utter is completely precious. Seriously. I already love the power of words because I’m a writer. But seeing her lack that gift right now makes each word even more powerful when they leave her lips. Continue reading

Blessings or Burdens

DSCN9570It’s spring! How can I NOT be happy? Seriously. There are green buds on the trees and tulips and blossoms on the fruit trees. My grass is looking alive again after having the tromped on, beat-up look of winter. I’m working on revisions and edits for another story that keeps me smiling because there are all new characters and plot twists from what I’ve worked with on the Bending Willow Trilogy for the last five years. Life is good.

My cute daughter who’s in South Korea wrote me yesterday and made me smile even more. It helped that she sent pictures of pretty flowers in Korea so Continue reading

Rainy Day Blessings

Hi! My name’s Char in case you’ve forgotten. I know I haven’t posted for a while…but I thought I deserved a little break since my daughter got married last month in another state and I was a little stretched for time. But now the stress is mostly over. The wedding went off without too many hiccups, my daughter was a happy bride, and I love my new son-in-law. Here are pictures of the happy couple.

credit: Luminosity Photography

Yes, it rained for her wedding day, but I thought these pictures turned out spectacular because of that. There’s always a little blessing in life’s challenges. Continue reading

I left what?

I loved Still Alice by Lisa Genova, so when I saw this one out by her, I had to read it too.  Left Neglected is about Sarah Nickerson, a career-driven woman who tries to be everything to everybody.  She is vice-president of Berkley Consulting in Boston, a wife, and a mom to three children—one of which has just been diagnosed with ADD.

I was stunned by this woman’s life.  I know she’s a fictional character, but when I’m reading, these people are REAL.  Don’t burst my bubble!  I know there are women out there who lead a busy, corporate, 80 hour work week type of life, but it makes me TIRED just thinking about it.  Every second of Sarah’s day is micro-scheduled to fit in all she must do. Continue reading

The Magical Box

Growing up, my mom’s closet was full of boxes—orange & apple boxes, falling apart boxes…and a magical box.  The magical box didn’t look special, except that it had circulation holes in it (I think it had once been an orange box).  It was filled with old, unwanted toys my mom had grabbed from our rooms.

Amazingly, after a month or two in that box, all those stashed away junk toys became the objects of our desire.  Magic!

I remember sneaking peeks with my brothers and sisters to see feet, eyes, wheels or fur of some toy through the holes of that charmed box.  We’d sigh as we glimpsed those ‘treasures’ and wish we could get them out to play with again.

Time passed and those boxed-up toys became our obsession.  We would beg Mom to please, please, PLEASE get those amazing toys out of that box.  Life would not be fun until we could play with them…like in the good old days. Continue reading