Yosemite Saga-Part 2

Picture 008It’s time for Part 2 in the Yosemite Saga!  Yea!  I love looking back at all my pictures of our time in this stunning, magnificent, spectacular park!  (Sorry for all the adjectives…but this park deserves ALL of them and more)  If you missed Part 1, click to go back and see my favorite waterfall!  I dream about that waterfall (and then I wet my bed…just kidding.  But if you did dream about it, there’s so much water involved, you might…so think of it while you’re awake!)

Ok!  Now down to business.  Yosemite Valley is where Half Dome and El Capitan are.  There’s a huge parking lot there where you park and then take shuttles to all the hikes and different waterfalls in the area (there are LOTS).  This valley is drop dead gorgeous…open meadows, stunning granite mountains surrounding you, and the Merced River.  I loved driving out of the valley and along that roaring river!  Amazing!   Continue reading

Beware hungry Bears!

I love cross country skiing for 3 reasons:

1:  It’s fun to explore a white wonderland
2:   I love the quiet peace and solace, and
3:  It’s incredible exercise

But there is a danger to every outdoor sport…and bears are the #1 threat to America (I heard that on the Colbert show).   And when you x-country ski, you are in the mountains where bears are known to live.  But I’ve never seen them yet, so read on!  I promise not to frighten you…TOO MUCH. Continue reading