Winners and Losers

Congratulations, Milka (Perfecting Motherhood)!!! You’ve won a copy of The Wicked Wager by Anya Wylde. Hopefully, you’ve already received an email from me with your free Amazon coupon.

Thanks, everyone else, for your comments. You all make me laugh. I hope you had a great  Thanksgiving.  One of my favorite foods this year was the stuffing my mother-in-law made. It had apples and cranberries and was scrumptious. I ate a LOT of it…and already miss it.

I’m still recovering from all that good food and family fun. I played card games (and lost); I went shopping (and lost), and ate lots of food (and gained). But my goal is to become the biggest loser (on that last item) by Christmas. Wish me luck.

This new bathroom decoration in my in-laws home made me laugh and sums up my views about the bathroom. I want one of these signs.

Have a great week.