Leap Foods

April-May 057I’m leaping for joy…because it’s LEAP day.  I can only officially Leap every four years, so I make the most of it when it comes around.  And to top it off (like cherry and chocolate on a sundae), I’ve been given the ABC Award by Carrie at The Write Transition.  Thanks, Carrie.

For the Awesome Blog Content Award, I have to run through my ABC’s to make sure I still know them (it’s been a while since I graduated Kindergarten), and then give the award to 6 deserving blogs.  So wish me luck.  I might be a little rusty on my XYZ’s.

My alphabet is supposed to be about me, so I’m writing down foods that make me LEAP for joy.  Imagine me jumping like my son and daughter as you read each food item. Continue reading