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Suvi Goldstein seems like she has it all, yet secrets bind her to misery. When she tries to escape her past, she is torn between violent men in one world and a kind, forgiving man in another as she battles darkness to discover the divine within herself. Austan Sandoval  has mastered the art of disguise and deception. After swindling millions from a Central American drug cartel, he discovers the location of Suvi Goldstein, daughter of an Israeli Mossad assassin, and determines to recruit her to his team. James Hinton serves as a missionary in Guatemala and sacrifices all to bring light to others. This is Vol. 1 in the Bending Willow Trilogy, showing how the transforming power of Jesus Christ holds out hope to all—from the missionary who’s led a charmed life to the vilest of sinners.

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Secret Keepers by Charissa Stastny

Suvi doesn’t feel worthy of happily-ever-after. When her knight in shining armor becomes the target of evil men, she must vanquish the hold of the Secret Keepers or be held forever hostage by her past. James believes he’s won the heart of the woman he loves, but when she leaves and he discovers new truths, his love is tested to the limits. Austan stands guard against the Dragon, but nurses hope that he can reveal his true identity. When a chance arises to team up with a pair of Mossad agents, he may finally be in a position to do what he’s longed to for four long years—reunite with Suvi and rekindle their love. In Vol. 2 of the Bending Willow Trilogy, the past, with its powerful secrets, collides with the present, threatening to destroy all Suvi, James and Austan hold dear. From Idaho to Israel, and with madmen, ruthless drug cartels and Mossad assassins as key forces, the fight for light continues in a battle where lives, love and freedom are at stake.

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HANDS of MERCY:  Vol. 3 – Bending Willow Trilogy



14 thoughts on “My Books

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  2. OK, I just finished reading your book, it was awesome! I am a voracious reader, but was somewhat trepidacious regarding your as the genre is outside of what I normally read. I’m glad I took the chance on your book, I read it all within 3 days and the plot and characters kept drawing me forward. I look forward to your next book this fall. Darius

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  4. CLEARLY…I need to spend more time on your page! How did I not know that you were an accomplished author? These sound abolutely wonderful and I can’t wait to read them. I’m so sorry for not noticing before.

    • Ha ha. I’m working on becoming accomplished. I haven’t said much lately because I’ve been revising the first 2 books to re-release when #3 comes out (hopefully this summer). Then you would have known because I’ve been saving all my posts and stuff for then…so wait just a bit. The first one will be free when I release the whole trilogy.

      • **Squeal!! Can you hear it all the way here in Idaho?
        Yep, working in Idaho today which I believe is your home state?
        I look forward to the trilogy…I went to order the first and it said “out of print”
        For what it’s worth, I already think you are accomplished. I can’t even imagine the discipline and attention span that would take. Bravo!!

        • Enjoy Idaho while you’re here. I’m in the Boise area. I am updating covers (hopefully) and everything right now, so I haven’t kept the print one up to date for ordering for that reason…so hang on and I will announce it on my blog and facebook when it’s re-released.

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