Glad you’ve stopped by to visit.  My goal with this blog is threefold:

  • To share JOY I’ve found in the little moments of life
  • To gain insights into ways to experience more JOY, and
  • To motivate my readers to find JOY in words (both books and writing)

Now a little about me.  My name is Charissa (or Char).  I’m married to my high school sweetheart, have 4 kids, a dog named Ginger, and live in Idaho (and yes! I love potatoes.  Why do you ask?).

My blog covers the following topics:

EXPLORING–inspiring people, beautiful places, and various other topics that interest me (animals, weird holidays…you name it).

UPS & DOWNS—discuss issues that aren’t always pleasant (and definitely not joyous). Over the years I’ve dealt with a few. I don’t claim to be an expert; I’m definitely not a counselor or professional life coach. But I’ve learned enough to give hope that JOY is right around the corner (even if it’s a dark, scary corner you have to get around first).

HOME BODIEScovers a wide range of topics, including family, kids, my crazy dog…and other random reflections.

BOOKS & BENT WRISTS—this is where I shout out favorite quotes and do book reviews.  In Bent Wrists, I post writing lessons (but with a humorous twist to make them fun; I hated boring English classes in school).

MY BOOKS–information and links to Eyes of Light, Secret Keepers, and other books of mine that are in the works.

Hope you enjoy and leave here a little happier.  Come visit again and remember to look for JOY in all the moments of your life (that’s the reason we’re here).