It’s been a hot while!

Wow. I didn’t realize I hadn’t posted here for so long. Forgive me. May through September whizzed by faster than a jet plane and I’m still spinning in their dust. But…I haven’t stopped reading. And I have SO MANY awesome books to shout out about (how’s that for a nice rhyme?).

First, let me shout–or maybe scream and twirl around–about Jennifer Peel’s latest (which came out several months ago). This one is the finale of her Pine Falls series…which I have loved with all my heart. The character in these are to die for…in the best of ways.

This romance features Kinsley and Brant, and oh! what an emotional ride they took me on. There were highs and perilous lows, and it was a LONG roller-coaster as Kinsley learned how to love herself and come to realize she was enough. The theme of forgiveness was explored, and the characters learned that sometimes you have to lose (pride, ambition, judgment) to actually win.

I looked forward to this finale so much…and it didn’t disappoint. It was so fulfilling to wrap up this series of these three sisters–Ariana, Dani, and now Kinsley–as they taught me that life together is the greatest miracle of all, no matter what they had to give up to keep their love in tact.

And there is so much love in this book for the taking…so grab your copy today. You won’t regret it.

Amazon link (It’s 99 cents for the next 3 days. Wow!)

Happy reading!