Love Unexpected

Don’t miss this new one by Jenny Proctor. Love Unexpected releases today and it was one of my favs. Here’s the blurb:

A famous boss. A secret identity. And a hilarious road trip to love. 

Yes. Yes, Rosie does have a crush on Isaac, her YouTube-famous boss.

Does she ever talk to him?

Absolutely not. Crippling social anxiety can do that.

But Rosie is nothing if not tenacious. Ignoring her friends’ advice to just talk to him already (Nope, that’s way too hard), she instead opts to pursue a virtual relationship with Isaac using a secret identity.

The plan is genius. Online, Rosie has social skills she’d never dream of having in person. She’s possibly even cool. If Isaac can just get to know her, he’ll see how amazing she is.

But then a spontaneous road trip throws Rosie and Isaac together, and their virtual and in-person lives collide. (Eleven hundred miles in a seventy’s era VW hatchback? What could possibly go wrong?)

Much to Rosie’s surprise, she doesn’t constantly humiliate herself. Conversation is easy, and their chemistry? It’s pretty much off the charts.

But every road trip is bound to hit a speed bump or two.

Will Rosie’s secret identity be the thing that brings them together? Or the thing that tears them apart?

My Review

Now this book focuses on a road trip. So my decadent cake rating probably should be replaced with Cherry Coke and licorice (black for Isaac – Red for Rosie). So imagine that in your mind.

This was a super-duper cute contemporary romance that I gobbled up in practically one sitting. There’s nothing I didn’t like about this story. The characters and side characters were awesome. Each has flaws, but so much goodness and worth. I couldn’t help loving them all. They became my new friends and I was cheering for all of them. This features Dani and Alex from Love Redesigned, so it was fun to see them in their HEA together as side characters. Tyler is a funny side character, and I loved Jade and Deidre and their boy Max (so cute). They were all such supportive, wise friends to Rosie—like a second family for her in a new place. The dialogue, the humor, the beautiful setting and intriguing life of a Youtuber set forth all combined for an incredibly fulfilling read. I highly recommend this one. It was adorable.

Happy Reading