Fun Fantasy

I have a thrilling fantasy series to spotlight today. Well, I’m only going to spotlight the fourth book in the series, but if you haven’t read a Brandon Sanderson book, I highly recommend you fix that error in your life. Rhythm of War, like the other books in this series, is very long and has complex world building and plot and character growth…but it was such a fulfilling ride! So, here’s my official review of it.

Rhythms of War by Brandon Sanderson

Holy chasmfiend! This book tore my heart out. These books are literal genius at work. Yes, they’re as long and emotionally torturous as the chasms in the Shattered Plains themselves (which you’ll know about if you read them), but if you work your way through them, you grow like the characters do…and my, my, my is there a TON of growing for the characters in this book. This book was brilliant as well because it made me like (or at least respect) one of the main villains by understanding her inside and out. That is the gift of pure genius. This book delved deeply into mental illness (depression, multiple personality disorder) as several characters are suffering from these issues from horrific events that happened earlier to them. I felt the author did a spectacular job showing what mental illness looks like and feels like…and also how to deal with it.

Plot twists. YES!

Thrilling plot. YES-YES!

Emotional jerking around. YES-YES-YES!

The story ends well and wrapped up but leaves enough crazy nuggets and twists at the end to make me wish that book 5 would be out next week before I forget it all and have to reread all 1200 pages again. Ha ha. This storming world of Roshar is MESSED up, but that makes the journey anything but boring crem.

It’s a high 5 all the way across the board for me!

Favorite Quotes

“If we can choose, we can change. If we can’t change, then choice means nothing.”

Syl to Kaladin, Rhythm of War by Brandon Sanderson


“It won’t be like that for me,” Kaladin said. “You told me it would get worse.”

“It will,” Wit said, “but then it will get better. This is life, and I will not lie by saying every day will be sunshine. But there will be sunshine again, and that is a very different thing to say. That is truth. I promise you, Kaladin: You will be warm again.”

Kaladin nodded in thanks, then turned to the hateful winds. He felt a push against his back as Wit sent him forward—then the light vanished, along with all it contained.  

Rhythm of War by Brandon Sanderson

I’ll be posting about another fantasy author I found recently who write more romance in her fantasies. Yippee! Stay tuned…or whatever you do for blogs. 🙂