Of Sword and Shadow

Here’s a new release by my friend Amanda Sowards (A.L. Sowards). It’s a medieval romance that’s pretty clean and beyond riveting. I couldn’t put it down when I read the beta-version. It has a beautiful cover as well–always a bonus.

Amanda is one of my favorite historical fiction writers, and she’s become adept over the years at wrapping a sweet romance into her stories as well (if you know me–I LOVE romance. It makes every story so much greater!). Here’s my review and the links below:

My Review

This 14th century thriller/romance takes place before and at the battle for Thebes from the Catalans. Eudocia is a slave girl who works for Thomas. She has no name but Mouse or Girl to her owner, but when she plays the part of a noblewoman named Eudocia, she meets Gillen, who’s working for an opposing force. When they decide to join forces in paving the way for the overthrow of the Catalans from Thebes, so much more will be at stake than just their hearts.

This was a fantastic story, full of action, adventure, intrigue, surprising plot twists, evil villains, and romance. It kept me turning the pages super quick, wanting to know how they would get out of each predicament, and wondering if they would escape with their lives or not. It is intense and thrilling, also heartbreaking and inspiring. The themes of freedom and self-worth are explored, and it is a very fulfilling story as the characters grow, learn, make mistakes, and keep hoping for second chances. This story touches on a piece of history I knew absolutely nothing about, so that made it even more interesting to read about, and try to get a small glimpse into the past to learn lessons to use in the present to be better. I highly recommend this one.

Favorite Quotes

“My child, I’ve learned that God is less concerned with the words that come from our lips and more concerned with the sincerity that comes from our hearts.” Atumano


“I’ve come to realize that there is only one opinion I need to concern myself with.” He held up a finger to make his point.


“The Lord’s. It is His good opinion that I wish to keep. Kings and popes and former vicar generals can say what they like, but their words don’t matter, not when I think of Him and whether or not He is pleased with what is in here.” He put a hand over his heart. “His is the only opinion that really matters.” Atumano


Atumano had asked me to forgive Gillen’s rejection. I had promised to try, but it wasn’t easy to let go of the pain. Letting go made it sound like it was something I was grasping on to, but that wasn’t the case. It found me, chased me, and invaded all my quiet moments. The pain was stronger than I was. But I held out hope that I would grow stronger or it would grow weaker, and eventually, its grip would loosen.


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Do yourself a favor and check this one out. You won’t regret it.

Of Sword and Shadow by A. L. Sowards

Happy reading!

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