(Not so) Alone for Christmas

Here’s another fun Christmas story. (Not so) Alone for Christmas is a novella. Short and sweet. It’s written by the lovely Jenny Proctor (who also has edited a couple of my books). She’s a great author and an amazing editor. I would be lost without her. 🙂

So, without further ado. Here is the blurb for this book:

Problem number one: Maddy’s family is NOT at home. A surprise Christmas visit to Charleston only works if the family you’re surprising hasn’t decided to spend the holidays in Hawaii.

Problem number two: Maddy is stranded. There is snow on the ground in Charleston, a city that doesn’t even own a snow plow. Flights are grounded, and the power is out. Maddy isn’t going anywhere.

Problem number three: Bo Bradshaw, Maddy’s old high school crush, is stranded with her, and he is hotter than ever.

My Review

Five stars. I’m not a super big fan of novellas, because I like more depth in a story, but occasionally I find a fun one. This is one of those. Maddy’s plans for Christmas fall apart, so she heads home to surprise her family…only to be surprised by them. They are in Hawaii for Christmas but her old high school crush is housesitting for them. Bo. And just seeing him again resurrects all the past feelings she thought she had got over. This is a quick read, a quick romance fanned to life by an old crush on Maddie’s side (that’s still burning strong once she sees him again). The story was cute, the characters adorable, and the plot predictable but fun. If you want a book to make you smile this Christmas, give this one a try. I think you’ll enjoy it, as I did.

Happy Reading.