10 Ways to Survive Christmas with your Ex

I wasn’t expecting much from this novella, but I liked this author’s other works, so decided to give this a chance…and I’m so glad I did. 10 Ways to Survive Christmas with your Ex by Shari Tapscot was fantastic. In a short amount of time, the author skillfully made me adore the characters and get super engaged in their tangled love story.

This is a second chances love story between Georgia and Isaac (who works at the same restoration shop as Carter from Book 1). They were high school sweethearts, but she broke things off between them before she headed off to college in another state, knowing long-distance wouldn’t work for them again.

But now, they’re both spending Christmas with each other, since their parents are spending it together and insisted they both be there. It’s a  fun book with lots of laughs and lots of swoony moments. A perfect pick-me up book for if you’re feeling down. Or a perfect pick-me up story for if you’re feeling great. 😊

Great Quotes

So, yeah. I’m okay with her list. She’s officially set up the game, and I’m a willing player. It’s Capture the Flag, and she’s the prize, and you better bet I won’t be waving the white flag of surrender.

The only thing I haven’t figured out is what I’m going to do if I catch her. Do I want Georgia back? (Isaac)


He studies me by the light of the Christmas tree that stands merrily in the entry. “You know this is a party, not a funeral, right?”

What’s the difference? You go to both because you have no choice…or at least I do. I would much rather be at home, curled up by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate.


Jen has already miraculously appeared by his side, and she’s holding some knitted atrocity and coaxing him to lean over so she can slip it over his head. She’s in a super low-cut sweater that’s covered in knitted holly, and she’s making sure he gets a good view.

Tramp, I think, and then I wince. That’s not a very Christmassy thought.

Holly-covered tramp, I amend.


Ha ha. This one made me laugh. Happy reading.