Wow! I absolutely loved this book. Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson is amazing. I’m not super into the fantasy genre, except for ones written by Sanderson and Amy Harmon. I tend to love everything I read by those two authors.

My daughter has been telling me forever that I would love this one, and I did! Realistic characters with so much depth and growth, fantastic settings—this one is set in a Color World, the magic being breath, which enhances colors and senses—and shocking plot twists that get me every time.

This one features two sisters—Vivenna, the oldest, who is supposed to marry the God King of her people’s enemy, and Siri, the younger sister who is sacrificed to the God King instead by her father, who can’t stand to be parted from his beloved oldest daughter. Other characters central to the plot are Vasher and his sentient sword, Nightblood, the Returned God LightSong the Bold, and the God King himself.

The plot was riveting. I could hardly put it down. The political intrigue and side plots were many, but don’t skim over them—they become important to the main arc in each of his books. I thoroughly enjoyed every word in this book. Now, I need to reread Oathbreaker (book 3 in the Stormlight series), because a few of these characters in this book are in that one. And Book 4 in that series, Rhythms of War, just came out today. Hooray. I have a bunch of reading ahead of me…because those books are ginormous!

But Warbreaker is a shorter book of his to read, so I’d suggest you start there first, before you tackle the Stormlight series. Hope you enjoy as much as I did. 😊

Happy reading.