Loving a Lady

This latest romance by Nichole Van was divine! It’s the third book in the Brotherhood of the Tartan series.

Loving a Lady features Ewan, a giant of a man who grew up fighting to earn money to work his way out of poverty. He meets Lady Violet and is forever changed. Years later, when they meet again, he’s an accomplished artist on the cusp of national renown, who is working with her artist uncle. She’s inherited her Scottish estate from her mother and is bound by duty to cover all those expenses, debts and responsibilities inherent in the estate. But her heart longs for Ewan. He longs for her, but knows he will never be her equal, even if the king himself commissioned him to paint for him.

The two are in an impossible situation, a forbidden romance, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to reconcile their demons and duties, without hurting many others in the process and being cast out of high society.

My emotions were yanked around (Van is good at doing that), but I swooned and sighed as I journeyed along with the characters and tried to guess how this whole impossible situation could become a possibility. I never see what Van brings out at the end, which is probably why I like her books so much. Anyway, this was another great one, with some twists that really threw me for a loop. So good! I highly recommend you read one of her books, if you haven’t already.

Here’s Nichole’s Amazon author page with all her books to check out. You might also enjoy her Pinterest pages, where she puts tons of photos to go along with each book.

Happy Reading.