This was a super cute contemporary romance by Sariah Wilson. The gist of the story is this: Madison Huntington is desperate. She’s been disinherited by her rich and influential family because she has chosen to become a teacher, not the lawyer they demanded she be. Alone, without enough pennies to her name, she is seeking for an apartment close to the school where she will start teaching in the fall. Her aunt finds her an option to live with a man who travels a ton and needs a roommate to live with him for free, in exchange for some light housekeeping and dog sitting.

She jumps on the deal, especially when she sees her new roommate, Tyler, who is the most gorgeous man she’s ever met. But he has just one rule: no liking each other romantically. He’s been bitten by a roommate crushing on him in the past, and he refuses to go through that ordeal again. So with a white lie that she is in a serious relationship, Madison gets the position.

And so starts the hilarious journey as she tries to learn basic housekeeping skills most people know, but heiresses don’t. Her bloopers and mishaps are only made more poignant by how diligently she tries to keep from breaking the one rule of not liking Tyler. Because how can a girl help herself, when she keep discovering how kind and awesome he is.

I highly recommend this one. It was a quick read, probably because I couldn’t put it down once I started. The author grabbed me tight with her awesome characters and I could not stop inhaling the story. The writing style was fun and engaging. The characters superb. The story super believable. I can’t think of anything I disliked about it. Wilson always writes clean romances I love. This was no exception. In fact, this might be a new favorite.

Check this book out. It’s a number one best seller on Amazon right now.

Happy reading!