Another great fantasy thriller by Brandon Sanderson that I couldn’t put down. In Elantris, Princess Serene sails from Teod to marry the prince of another country. But when she arrives, she discovers that the prince is dead, but her contract is valid and she is still technically married, even though her husband is gone from this world. When a gyorn arrives, a religious high leader for an enemy country’s religion, she determines to save her new kingdom from being toppled by his maneuverings.

So begins a fight for a kingdom’s soul, though the king is greedy and uncaring about his people.

Little does Serene know that her husband truly lives. But he was changed by the Shaod, transforming him into one of the zombie-like undead who are thrown into the crumbling city of Elantris, once the light of the whole world. Ten years ago, something happened that changed the city and its inhabitants into sickly bodies who never heal from pain, but can’t seem to die, unless burned to death.

Raoden, the prince, was changed one morning and his father, the king, threw him into Elantris before anyone could know differently and has spread the lie that his son is dead. Serene is suspicious as she comes to learn more about the king and her betrothed dead husband, but never does she expect that he lives just in the city behind the huge walls.

This might sound like a weird premise, and I can’t do a summary justice for this book because it was super complicated, yet engaging. Sanderson is a master at getting me to care for his characters and help me understand the rules of new worlds quickly, so I feel involved in the world and with the different powers or magics right along with the characters. I really enjoyed this one. It was thrilling, intriguing, had a great side romance, and strong characters I grew to adore. Can’t say enough good about this book. A definite re-read someday.

If you haven’t tried reading a Sanderson fantasy yet, give him a chance. My favorite might still be Mistborn, but Elantris was fantastic as well.   

Happy reading!