Love Redesigned

bookDon’t miss this new release by Jenny Proctor. I think it might be her best work so far. The story has a super fun setting in New York and the South, fantastic characters who do a lot of growing, and clean sizzle.

My Review

This is a cute contemporary romance. Dani works as an assistant to Sasha, a designer at LeFranc, a name-brand clothing brand in NYC. When she runs into her ex, Alex, at a coffee shop, her heart dies a little. She’d loved Alex, up until the day he walked out of her life a year ago and ghosted her. But now he is back, and she learns he’s working for her twin brother, Isaac, in their hometown of Charlotte.

Alex is dumbfounded when he sees Dani again. He’d thought he was over her, but one look is all it takes to realize he isn’t. But since she works for and is loyal to the evil woman who is marrying his step-father soon, he doesn’t dare act on his feelings. Leaving her was for the best, or so he thinks.

When Dani’s life upends and sends her running back home to live with her twin brother, she also must live in the same vicinity as her ex. As Dani tries to figure out her life, Alex questions his own. They both still have feelings for each other, but do they have too different hopes and dreams to make things work between them? The first time ended badly. Do they dare risk a second chance at love?

5This book was great. I practically inhaled it and loved every word. The main and side characters are great and added lots of magic to the book. The relationship between the twins was a fulfilling side arc. The settings in New York and Charlotte are fun to visit with the characters, and the romance was sizzling but clean. Really loved this book. It was an enjoyable ride and I was a little sad to come to the end.

It gets 5 star ratings all across the board. If you need a great read, grab a copy of Love Redesigned. You won’t regret it.

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Happy Reading.

Charissa (4)