A Note of Change

noteSorry, April and half of May have seemed to disappear from my life and I haven’t been able to find them. I have lots of catching up to do now, because although those months have been lost to me, I still managed to read a bunch of awesome books since my last post in March. Reading always happens…even if time stops.

Today I wanted to talk about a new anthology of three stories by three different authors–A Note of Change. Isn’t is a beautiful cover? And the stories were excellent. I loved-loved every story and author in this one, which rarely happens. I highly recommend it. Here’s a quick summary of what I thought about each book.

Waiting for the Post by Esther Hatch

This was a cute story about Harrison (Harry) and Christine. For six years, Harrison has tried to put Christine out of his mind. He was the poor steward’s son on her father’s manor house and took off without a goodbye, hoping to work hard to become a man worthy of her hand. But now, six years later, he wonders if he even wants anything to happen between them. He has grown up and is fighting the laws that hold Christine’s family in power. But when his house servant sends a letter he wrote years ago to Christine in Dorset accidentally, he leaves London in a hurry to try to intercept that letter before he is made to look the fool. Loved this story. It was fun, with great characters in a friends to lovers scenario. Super sweet

A Ring of Gold by Nichole Van

Oh my! Van is the master at weaving her stories and characters into my heart uber-fast. This one is about the famous woman author, Viola Brodure, who all of England and Scotland wants to get together with the famous Scottish poet, Ethan Penn-Leith…to have a romance of their own. When her father pulls strings to get them invited to Scotland to actually meet her literary hero, she is dismayed to realize her heart feels a huge disconnect from him, but not for his farmer brother. So much emotion and sweet angsty romance in this one. Probably my favorite of this whole set—although it’s a great set of stories…so I hate to pick favorites. This one didn’t disappoint me on any level though. Excellent story, characters, and romance.

A Rose by Any Other Name by Annette Lyon

Heart-tugging story about Rose, an orphan foundling who meets and falls in love with Oliver when she is hired occasionally to work at his parent’s fancy home for parties. Oliver wishes to marry her, but when he tells his parents, they threaten to cut him off and he would have no way to take care of Rose. Then his parents go to devious means to keep the two apart and you think it’s going to be awful…and for a while it is. A forbidden romance with class warfare that definitely will keep you turning pages until you’re done. Good thing it’s short.


If you need a great read, check this one out. I picked it because I read all of Nichole Van’s books, but loved the other two author’s stories as well. Highly recommend.

Happy Reading!

Charissa (4)