Simply Starstruck

simplyI’ve just recently found this author – Aspen Hadley – and I have really enjoyed her books so far. I already reviewed another book by her–Blind Dates, Bridesmaids, and Other Disasters. Today’s review is on a second one by her. Simply Starstruck.

This super cute celebrity romance was thoroughly enjoyable. The heroine is determined NOT to fall for Mr. Gorgeous Heartthrob, who has moved in next door to her. She has an eight-year-old son and is content with her life. Men can only complicate it and cause her more grief and loss. Her heart can’t deal with that again.

But Kate keeps running into Jess Sullivan, and not ever at her best moments. He’s seen her in stained sweats and with messy hair. He’s seen her with mud on her face, for goodness sake. He’s seen her temper at high flare and he’s seen her break down and lose it. No way would he ever want a nutcase like her, who’s slightly overweight when he has thin, stunning models always by his side.

But what we imagine about ourselves is not always the truth, and Kate grows to learn her value and worth over time as she slowly becomes friends with Jess and lets him into her heart.

This book was great – a solid 5 on the rating scale. Characters were great. Plot was fun. Romance was a slow-burn build up, but super awesome when the sparks finally ignited. Overall, it was a great read that I highly recommend.

Fun Quote

Every woman knows that when you are deliberating over something as troubling as relationships, you don’t up and start a new hobby. That adds frustration to doubts, which whips up a nice batch of angry. Then throw in needles, or crochet hooks, or whatever they are called, and you are brewing up a disaster. Painting it was.


Here’s the Amazon link if you want to check it out. Happy reading!

Charissa (4)