Romancing the Rake

02A71A26-6631-4FA0-BD00-7742F79B0CF5How are you doing during this unique time of social distancing? Are you finding it difficult to stay at home? We are definitely having to be exercise more creativity to do things differently than we’re used to. What has been your favorite/least favorite thing about this time?

One of my favorite things is all the awesome books that have come out. This latest book by Nichole Van made my heart so happy. I absolutely loved-loved this book. It’s even better than the first in the series.

Romancing the Rake is a stellar forbidden romance, with lots of heart-tugging, tear-jerking, and nail-biting action involved as you journey along with the characters. Sophie feels invisible and overlooked. She has a scientific brain in an era that girls are looked down upon for that quality and called bluestockings. She has labeled Lord Rafe a Rakus Licentious (or something to that affect) because of his rakish ways with the ladies. She has watched him from behind the curtain at several balls and is intrigued by his instinctual habits to charm every female in the vicinity.

When he surprises her by joining her behind the curtain, she is aghast to find that she, too, is smitten by his charms—even knowing that it’s all an act. Her heart races, her body warms, and all that good stuff. But Rafe’s ducal father, Kendall, forbids his son from seeing Sophie again when he spies them spending time together at a later ball and realizes his son is falling for her. For some reason, he despises Sophie and threatens his son with his mother going to an insane asylum if he ever speaks to Sophie again.

I won’t spoil anything, but years go by and Rafe has let his dad hold him on a tight leash to keep his mother safe, giving up the woman he loves most—the only woman he’s ever loved. You’ll have to read it to see how and if they get together and what barriers stand in their way, but I will say that this book kidnapped me quite literally and I couldn’t get anything else done until I finished it. It has tenderness, heartbreak, laughter, and oh-my moments. It’s clean, yet sizzles with that tension of the heart that keeps you on the edge of your seat. SO. DANG. GOOD!!! Going on my favorites list.

Awesome Quotes

Perhaps. But at the very least, consider harnessing all your rage and molding the energy into determination for good. Otherwise, I fear the power of it will destroy your soul. You will burn on the pyre of your hatred.” Sophie to Rafe 


Love did not need similarity of thought or interest. Love required only attention and care, thoughtfulness and generosity of soul.


This was a great one. If you have extra time to read, consider adding this one to your list. You won’t regret it.

Stay safe and be healthy,

Charissa (4)

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  1. I made the decision to move over to a Kindle and so far enjoying it 🙂 I feel like the world of books has opened a bit more in using a Kindle. I still enjoy strolling the racks at the library too. Happy Reading! Take Care and Be Safe.

    • Ha ha. That’s great. I remember it took me about a year to switch over to Kindle. My husband gave me one but I found it easier to read real books. Now, I’m the opposite and am kind of annoyed when I have to read a book I have to hold with two hands. 🙂

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