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my fairAh! This set of  2 shorter novels was a gem. I like this author, but didn’t know if I’d like this set, since I’m not a fan of novellas. But I was drawn in and wowed by Rallison’s writing and this turned out to be one of my favorites…enough so that I am excited to blog about it.

The first story, My Fair Lacey, is a contemporary twist on the My Fair Lady story, with the educated man teaching the uneducated heroine to speak right so she can get a loan from the bank…and if he successfully achieves his goal, he will have his doctoral thesis done as well.

Characters are Garrett and Lacey. And they were super adorable. The author did a super good job, even though it’s a shorter novel, at pulling me in to love them both and enjoy every single page of this romance. Though I knew how it would end, I had fun all the way through and totally loved it. Bravo!

The next story in the set is A Perfect Fit. Lacey’s roommate, Jojo, made a deal with her brother (Garrett) that she would let him set her up with one of his friends if she lost the bet about Lacey’s transformation (which she does). Truthfully, it was Jojo’s lame boyfriend that set up the bet. When Garrett wins, Jojo’s artist boyfriend isn’t so keen on the idea of her going on a romantic date with another guy. He tries to get her to renege on the deal, but she’s too honorable. So he breaks up with her over it.

That how Jojo meets Wyatt, Garrett’s oh so charming college friend who woos her against her will. Thinking she will never see him again after that night, she throws caution to the wind and kisses Wyatt…and it is magical. Mind-blowing. But bozo boyfriend crashes their date before it ends, dragging her back home and saying he’s going to give her another chance. Wyatt, against his will, has fallen for Jojo, but how can he get her to see that she’s being totally manipulated by wannabe VanGogh? He determines to make a grand gesture to win her heart…and show her that they are a perfect fit.

5 (1)Again, a super adorable story with characters that were beyond amazing. I’m in awe that this author made me like them and the story in so short amount of time. She’s got mad skills. If you need an awesome read, I highly recommend this combined set. It’s super adorable and heartwarming. I gave it all 5’s. It’s truly decadent in every way.

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