Just a BOYfriend

nr5Sariah Wilson always writes super fun romances. Her latest, Just a BOYfriend, is no exception. Lots of twisty-twists and deep-seeded demons for the characters to overcome, a forbidden romance that drives the heart crazy, and awesome characters you can’t help but love.

In this book, Bash (Ian Sebastian) returns to town. His family is excited. Everyone that is except for Ember…who unfortunately became his step-sister when their parents eloped to Vegas after dating for a month.

What Ember and Bash never told anyone was that they were once-upon-a-time secret girlfriend/boyfriend in high school…before their parents met and caught them all up in their whirlwind. But Bash moved away after Ember told him she loved him, and she hasn’t seen him for three long years.

Now Bash is enrolled at her same college, on a last-chance football team to get his life back together. But seeing Ember again throws all his plans to the wind. He’s never stopped loving her, but theirs is a forbidden kind of love…and he needs to put distance between them. But that’s impossible when all he wants is to be near her.

This book is the companion to The FriEND zone, featuring Logan and Jess (friends of Bash). I loved that one, too.

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