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IMG-2248As promised, I will review Heart Thief today by Taylor Dean. I will also be giving away an ebook of this amazing book next week, so leave a comment. As I posted yesterday, Heart Thief is the first book in the Love Under Wraps series. It’s a forbidden romance with lots of heart-tugging, emotional tug-a-waring, and ultimate happy ending-ing. (I know that’s not grammatically kosher, but I’m going with it).

Taylor Dean is from Texas, and she’s pretty much the nicest person ever. When I was a newbie author with no idea how to do anything in the writing world, I reached out to her–a total stranger, but one who I admired greatly because of her writing style–and asked for some guidance. She went beyond the call of duty to mentor me, helping me gain confidence as a writer (which is hard in this world of haters). Now, I feel I can call her not only a helpful writing mentor, but a true friend. If we lived in the same state, we would be hanging out a TON. You can learn more about Taylor and all her awesome books on her website. Now, let’s get to her newest book:


I was warned about him. I should’ve listened. But I didn’t.

Of course, I also thought Ryker Martel was about to propose.

He didn’t.

I was ready to say yes.

He was ready to wait a little longer.

Now he’s out of the country on an extended business trip and I’m staying in his penthouse apartment with seeds of disillusionment taking over my soul.

Ryker reminded me that his estranged brother might show up out of the blue at his penthouse. He told me to let him know right away if he did. He’d take care of it.

His brother is bad news. The rebel, the black sheep of the family.

“Don’t trust him,” Ryker said. “Stay as far away from him as possible. He’s a thief, a snake.”

Warning duly noted.

And ignored.

I considered myself equipped to handle whatever was thrown my way. I was wrong.

Nothing prepared me for Zane and the havoc he would wreak in my life–and in my heart. He turned me upside down and knocked me sideways.

Falling for the other brother is never a good idea. Keeping it a secret, even worse.

Especially when he proves to be the thief he was purported to be.

My heart will never be mine again and I want it back.

But it has been stolen and I’ll never be the same.


My Review

5I have been a fan of Taylor’s from the first book I read of hers years ago–a paranormal romance called Lancaster House. It was so unique and I couldn’t put it down. And she’s caught me by her hooks with every subsequent book she’s released. Heart Thief didn’t let me down. This contemporary forbidden romance wrapped my heart up tight and didn’t let go.

Mila, a professional pianist, is certain Ryker, her boyfriend of 10 months, is about to propose before he heads off to Japan for business. When he asks her to be the caretaker for his penthouse instead, she is crushed. He assures her they’re on the same page, but she starts to notice all the things that don’t mesh with them. Forget being on the same page; they seem to be in whole different books. After he leaves, her disillusionment grows. When Ryker’s brother shows up unannounced, she is frightened. Ryker warned her about his black sheep brother, but Zane is nothing like what Ryker and his mother described. Although, as the title implies, Zane is a thief, because he steals her heart.

heartI adored this story. It was fun seeing Mila’s growth as a person as she goes from settling for an okay guy to knowing what she really wants in life, after meeting Zane. It’s a fun, heart-pounding romance with all the happy thrills and tingles readers want, but the book also deals with the sensitive issue of depression. You get a glimpse into that darkness, which I appreciated as I felt it helped me feel more empathetic to those who deal with this in real life. Taylor always does a great job at putting serious issues in her books, yet in such a way that it doesn’t bring you down because the characters are so fun to join in their imaginary world.

If you love forbidden romance, this is a great one. Falling for the other brother can’t lead to any good, even if it feels so right. You’ll have to read it yourself to see how everything comes together (or not). It’s a well-written romance with all the feels I crave when I read.

Book Link & Giveaway

Heart Thief is available on Amazon today. Grab your copy so you have some good reading for Thanksgiving (or earlier). And if you’d like a chance to win an ebook, leave a comment below to be in a drawing next week. Also, you can join my FB Stuck on Love page for more chances to win this and other books each month.

Let your heart be stolen today by Taylor Dean’s Heart Thief. You won’t regret it.


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