My Not So Wicked Boss

mynotThis Giveaway is closed. Congrats to Sarah B, Samantha, and Denise for winning a copy of this ebook. Hope you enjoy. 

Have you read any of Jennifer Peel’s books? Or all of them? Ha ha. If you read one, you might get addicted and have to read all. Just a warning. Her Not So Wicked series has been a super fun set of books to read. This latest one was so yummy. (Can you tell I’m hungry? I should probably go eat a cookie instead of talking about books, but priorities.) I have to share this one with you, because it was just fun-fun-fun.


My Not So Wicked Boss was fantastic. This forbidden celebrity romance features Aspen, who has been a man-hating side character in other books. She meets best-selling author Miles Wickham (who happens to be her favorite author ever), who goes by a pen name, and he asks her to quit her bank job and work for him as his nanny for the little boy he has “inherited” and as his personal assistant.

Though the chemistry between them sizzles, he makes his attorney write up a contract to keep things strictly business between them, on grounds of terminating employment if a romantic entanglement happens.

5 Yummy 3Ah, what Aspen wants (him) and is finally read to give (her heart) is now completely forbidden. Seems par for  her life.

Squeal! I loved this book. The characters were perfectly done and had hidden depths that come to light slowly. I adored them. The plot was fun, yet had depth that some other romances these days are missing. It’s a fast read, but not a light, fluffy one that doesn’t make you grow. It’s a fulfilling read worth reading again (and I think I’ll do that). I would recommend this to anyone who loves contemporary romances. It’s a Decadent Read.


Because I love Jennifer Peel and my readers so much, I’m going to give away a copy of this book to one lucky commenter. So say Hello, or tell me if you’ve read her before, or tell me your favorite dessert…anything, and maybe you’ll be reading My Not So Wicked Boss very, very soon. Good luck.

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40 thoughts on “My Not So Wicked Boss

  1. I love Jennifer Peel! I sat at her table last year at the Utah’s Readers Luncheon, which is super fun and I’m looking forward to attending again on Saturday.

  2. I haven’t read anything from her yet! But I need to change that very soon! I have a list of her books that I want to read, I just need to get started! Favorite dessert? I’d choose cheesecake. Thanks for the chance!

  3. I’m doing well…and in awe of my daughter in law who recently had a darling baby girl….weighed 11 lb 5 oz!

  4. I read the “More than a Wife” series by Jennifer. I can honestly say that her brand of romance writing is refreshing and enjoyable. She chooses to leave the dirty, dirty to the imagination and focuses on the relationship and passion.

  5. I have read Jennifer Peel in the past. I have not read a book a book written by her that I didnt truly enjoy reading :0)

  6. I love Jennifer Peel! I’ve read all her books multiple times! The Girl in Seat 24B is a favorite but it’s hard to choose!! My favorite dessert is brownies!

    • That one’s a heart-wrencher. I recently re-read it for like the 4th or 5th time. I’ve lost track. I always enjoy it when I read it again. So much emotion. And the heroine is a saint.

  7. I loved this book!!! (Really, all of them! You are right about that addiction thing!) I would love a hard copy of this book! I highly recommend the Dating by Design series too!

  8. Yes, I love Jennifer Peel’s books! One of my faves of hers is The Girl in Seat 24B! I loved the first book in the “Not So Wicked” series and I can’t wait to read the others! As for a favorite dessert, have you ever made the chocolate cake and chocolate icing from the back of the Hershey’s cocoa powder container? It’s AH-MAZING!

    • I’ve read all her books and haven’t found one I don’t like yet. And no, I haven’t had THAT chocolate cake. I make another one that is a pain to make but that my husband dies over every time, even if it’s not pretty (which is a skill I lack when it comes to cakes), but I’ll have to look for that one and see if it’s easier than mine. Thanks!

  9. I absolutely love Jennifer Peel’s books!!! She is one of my favorite authors. I love this new series but anything I’ve read of her’s has been amazing!

  10. I love Jennifer Peel! I’m currently re-reading all of her books right now. My favorite is Professional Boundaries! 💕

  11. Mmm Jennifer Peel’s books have become my literary dessert 🥰😋 they are 100% perfection! Though pumpkin bars come in a close 2nd …
    I binge read this book in a tent at midnight. My love for this book conquered my fear of the dark and all the frogs…. and other uhh noises.

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