Best Friends Fall in Love

newrel1Here’s another billionaire romance. Falling for Her Billionaire Best Friend. This one is by my friend from Idaho, Maria Hoagland. It goes with a series–the Billionaire Bachelor Cove–done by different authors, but each book can be read alone. If you read them all, you get a more wholistic picture of these group of neighbors, but it’s not necessary.

In this one, next-door neighbors, Ryland and Mary Alice, are the MC’s. They’ve known each other all their life, run in the same power circles, and their parents have been pushing them together forever, hoping that a romantic relationship will stick. But both are comfortable in their friendship and don’t feel the need to rock the boat, so to say, until they do. Here’s the blurb.


Billionaire next-door neighbors Mary Alice Howe and Ryland Neilson have mothers who are are lifelong best friends. But throwing their children together for everything from Camelot Cruise birthday parties to cotillion classes has ensured a close friendship, not the hoped-for romance.

Excited to become the newest CEO of his father’s company, Ryland takes a risk that just might ruin the company. Taking a chance on a relationship with his best friend Mary Alice, however, seems even more foolish. Sure, he’s had a slight crush on her for a while now, but they can’t get their timing right to give a romantic relationship a shot.

Already unsure what she wants to do with her career and her relationship with pro soccer player Camden Sharpe, adding new and thrilling feelings for her best friend causes Mary Alice’s world to spin upside-down. One thing she does know is that she wants a fairy-tale romance. Ryland may look like the part of the handsome prince—tall, dark, and gorgeous—but can a woman be swept off her feet by someone she shared orthodontist appointments with?

When a personal ad brings the two together, they realize that maybe they don’t actually know everything about each other. Discovering new sides to their personalities adds a surprising layer to their relationship. Yet when old expectations arise, they’ll have to decide if it’s better to stay in the safety of the friend-zone or jump down the rabbit hole of the unknown and risk everything for love.

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Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, this full-length sweet/clean contemporary billionaire romance is similar to your favorite Hallmark movie and will bring a smile to your day!

My Review

This was a fun one if you’re willing to suspend belief (which I always have to do to finish a billionaire book, since I’ve seen what most of the billionaires look like in reality, and let me just leave it that they are not heart-throbs.) But reality isn’t why I read romance, right? I just like to get emotionally tied up with new characters, see how they solve the problems in their life and heart, and get my feel-good happy ending. And then I can smile while I make dinner, start another load of laundry, or mow the lawn.

This book started each chapter with a quote from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, and the story kind of meandered like that classic tale. I loved seeing how each scene tied into the classic. Mary Alice and Ryland were fun characters. Mary Alice is a strong go-getter, but she hasn’t discovered her true self yet. Ryland is a powerful figure as well, except in matters of the heart. It takes him a while to figure out what he’ll do with Mary Alice when he realizes he has feelings for her, other than friendship. Sometimes I wanted to shake him and say, “Be a man, dang it!” The story had slower pacing  but was delightful in magical settings around the Seattle area. I especially loved the clock tower and the overrun early century atrium they discover together in their wanderings. The love interest developed slowly and in subtle twists and turns, but when those happened, it was very satisfying. Overall, a fun billionaire romance twist on Alice in Wonderland.

About the Author

mariaMaria Hoagland has written two Whitney Award finalists,The ReModel Marriage and Still Time, as well as several other books. When she is not working at her computer, she can be found walking barefoot in soft grass, remodeling houses with her husband, or enjoying campfires with their three children. She loves crunching leaves in the fall, stealing cookie dough from the mixing bowl, and listening to musicals on her iPod.


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