The Heart of a Vicar

Heart of VicarHere’s another Sarah M. Eden book to tug at your heart strings. I inhaled her newest release, The Heart of a Vicar, faster than A&W Rootbeer on a hot summer’s day. It didn’t disappoint. Read on and don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the end for a chance to win a paperback copy of this lovely book!


Young love is all too fleeting, as Harold Jonquil painfully discovered years ago when Sarah Sarvol, the niece of a neighboring landowner, captured his heart. After an idyllic few weeks in the throes of blossoming love, reality intervened. They could have no future. Following their disastrous parting, Harold attempted to push aside thoughts of love and regret, but Sarah has never left his heart. Now, years later, he has achieved his lifelong aspiration of becoming the local vicar. However, the role proves more difficult than he imagined. He feels hollow and uninspired—until the most important person in his past returns, challenging him as no one ever has.

When Sarah’s ailing uncle summons her back to the family estate in England, there is only one person from her past she is reluctant to see again: Harold Jonquil, the only man who has ever claimed her heart. But when she comes face-to-face with her former beau, she hardly recognizes the aloof and dull man before her. She is determined to help Harold rediscover the passion he once felt toward his chosen profession. Soon, despite their exasperation with each other, they cannot deny the stirring of feelings long buried—but is it too late for second chances?

My Review

IMG-1686What  delicious read! This is another Jonquil brothers tale, featuring Harold Jonquil, the vicar (hence, the title—hee hee). Harold has been the standoffish, stern, boring brother in other books that his older brothers take delight in constantly teasing and calling Holy Harry. In this book, we get a look into his heart (ah, Sara Eden, what a perfectly wonder title you came up with). Sarah Sarvol was a 16-year-old girl when she and Harold formed an attachment right before she left for America. Harold gave her her first kiss, and she upended him in the creek and left, her heart shattered. Years later, when Sarah moves back to England with her brother and sees Harold again, she is shocked by his transformation. The kind, fun-loving boy she loved has become a stern, uncaring vicar. What happened? I won’t tell you, but it was a slow-burn second-chance romance to get to the heart of the matter—pun intended.

Sarah is a sweetheart. I loved her character right away. It takes a while to get a peek inside Harold’s soul, because he guards it so carefully. But this book made me smile the whole way through. Seeing the characters grow and heal was beautifully satisfying. It has the wit I’ve come to expect from all the Jonquil brothers’ stories. That family is amazing and you can’t help but love them and want to be part of their flock or herd or stubbornness. 😊 This book gives you peeks into some of the other couples’ marriages from other books, especially Phillip and Sorrel. I was moved to tears as my heart ached, feeling like it might split apart at certain moments. Eden writes heart-tugging romances that always tie me up inside but leave me with an emotional gift-wrapped happiness at the end that makes up for the tugging, splicing, and rending she puts my heart through during the story. I highly recommend this one, and all the Jonquil brothers stories in this series. They’re fantastic.

About the Author

edenSarah M. Eden is a USA Today bestselling author of multiple historical romances. Combining her obsession with history and affinity for tender love stories, Sarah loves crafting witty characters and heartfelt romances set against rich historical backdrops. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in research and happily spends hours perusing the reference shelves of her local library. Sarah lives with her husband, kids, and mischievous dog in the shadow of a snow-capped mountain she has never attempted to ski.


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Enjoy your June! May it be filled with lots of fun, laughter, and good books (of course). Happy reading!