Finding Jack

jackHere’s another book review and a FREEBIE to celebrate April and the arrival of warmer weather. I loved this newest book by Melanie Jacobson. It was one of my favorites I’ve read this year. Here’s the blurb.


Can their online flirtation become something real?

When smart, practical Emily finds herself in the crosshairs of an Internet prankster, her orderly world goes topsy-turvy. Instead of getting mad at the handsome stranger behind the joke, she finds herself drawn to him. But Jack Dobson, though hilarious and thoughtful, has a lot of secrets. Despite her growing feelings for her new and unexpected long-distance friend, his biggest secret of all might be the one that breaks the spell they’ve been weaving around each other.

My Review

5 Yummy 3Emily and Jack are the characters. Ranee and Sean are side characters I quite enjoyed as well. Emily is in a relationship, but her roommate, Renee, keeps telling her they are both beyond wrong for each other. When her roommate sabotages the relationship and posts pics with her and a long-haired hot guy named Jack (Ranee’s friend, who is a Photoshop guru), Emily is furious. Her boyfriend isn’t amused either. But when she contacts him to stop messing around with her pics, she’s surprised to find she enjoys texting him. The guy is intensely funny. But no! She can’t do that. I won’t ruin anything about this too-die-for story. It was super amazing. The dialogue and texting back and forth are swoony. The online creative dating ideas were heart melting. Emily was in trouble the second she sent that first text. Ah. I’m still smiling thinking about this one. It had the makings of just a short, fluffy read that would have still made my day, but midway and beyond, the author began adding layers of depth I hadn’t seen coming. That made it not just fluffy, but fantastic and inspiring. This was a perfectly done book, in my opinion. I will definitely read it again. It was unique, and fit today’s dating lingo with the social media dating type interactions. I couldn’t have been happier when I finished. Enough said. I highly recommend this one. It’s a scrumptious read.


April ThemeToday and maybe tomorrow (I can’t remember), my book, Package Deal, is FREE. Grab it while this deal lasts. My youngest sister says this is her favorite of all of mine. I love it as well, but I think Between Hope and the Highway is my personal favorite. Read them and see what you think.

Happy Reading