2018 – My Favorite Reads

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Another year is in the books…literally! Last year I read a total of 109 books. 91 of these were new books; 2 were books I beta-read (they’ll be out this year); 16 were rereads (including my own books for editing/formatting purposes).

As always, the overall winner is the Romance genre (no surprise there). But I added 10 books that weren’t in my normal genre. I’ve picked my TOP 10 for 2018, as well as 20 Honorable Mentions.

My Top 10 Reads

  1. Book of Mormon – I’ve read this a ton of times, but this year I had the most life-changing experience doing it, and came to love my Savior so much more than ever before…so I’m counting it in my Top 10, even though it’s a reread.
  2. The Brothers Maledetti Series Nichole Van – A paranormal romance (slightly), set in Italy. I inhaled all of these books, and became a true fan of Nichole Van. She’s not only a gifted writer, but a magnificent photographer as well. She lives in Scotland right now; I adore her pictures she posts on FB.
  3. dec14gHeart of Red, Blood of BlueRebecca Belliston – A unique, beautiful, and heartwrenching medieval romance. The heroine is a despised albino princess, who feels that the 10 year war between her country and the Blues is all her fault. I loved the undertones of prejudice, hate, bias, mistaken identities, fear, and seeing beneath one’s surface to the treasure beneath. I adored Gisela…and the many characters that intertwine with her life as the tale weaved its way around my heart. A masterfully told story.
  4. z5The Secretive Wife – Jennifer Peel – A celebrity romance (once the secret comes out). This book is the 2nd in her More Than a Wife series, and it was AMAZING! I will definitely reread this one. The characters are fantastic and the story is a roller-coaster ride of swoons, crying hiccups, and all that kind of crazy. Loved it!
  5. A Me and You ThingTaylor Dean – Another roller-coaster romance with a unique, heart-breaking twist that almost shattered me. I love when a book surprises me. I love even more when a story sticks with me long after I finish. This one did that for me.
  6. A Dangerous LegacyElizabeth Camden – A historical forbidden romance set in the early 1900’s in New York. This author always captures my heart and imaginations with her layered characters, detailed historical scenes and events, and heart-tugging romance.
  7. The Smallest PartAmy Harmon – A contemporary heart-wrecker. Seriously, Harmon’s books always MOVE me. I feel almost every emotion under the sun as I read her books. This was no exception. Themes included: suicide, friendship, and enduring love (sigh).
  8. setThe House of Oak SeriesNichole Van – Another series I fell in love with by this author. Book 4 made me laugh so hardch. I want to reread it just for the funny dialogue between the hero and heroine. They were to-die-for hilarious. This book is historical-paranormal. A magic oak transports people through time to 1800’s from modern day. It makes for some fantastic plots and characters. I can’t say enough good about this author. I’ve read everything she put out since I found her…and she never disappoints.
  9. decnew3#StarstruckSariah Wilson – A celebrity Hollywood romance. This author is beyond skilled with creating heart-pounding movie star/girl-next-door type relationships. So funny & completely swoonworthy. Every page.
  10. My Brother’s BrideRachael Anderson – This Regency romance was a fun one. I’ve read tons of Regency that never gives me the swoonworthy moments I crave from contemporary romances. But this one managed to do it. I really, really, loved the characters and writing in this book.

Honorable Mention

  1. Stormlight Series – especially book 2, Words of Radiance – Brandon Sanderson (fantasy)
  2. Saints – Standard of Truth (181-1846) – Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (historical nonfiction)
  3. Seeing Miss Heartstone – Nichole Van (Regency romance)
  4. #Moonstruck – Sariah Wilson (Celebrity)
  5. The Sidelined Wife – Jennifer Peel (contemporary romance)
  6. Narcissistic Tendencies – Jennifer Peel (contemporary romance)
  7. When I’m Gone – Emily Bleeker (contemporary romance)
  8. The Dragons of Alsace Farm – Laurie Lewis (women’s fiction)
  9. The Bone Curse – Carrie Rubin (thriller)
  10. Hawaiian Holiday – Michelle Paige Holmes (holiday second chance romance)
  11. The Shipbuilder’s Wife – Jennifer Moore (historical romance)
  12. Love Remains – Sarah Eden (historical romance)
  13. Violin Words – Taylor Dean (holiday mystery romance)
  14. The Lincoln Hypothesis – Timothy Ballard (historical non-fiction)
  15. My Dearest Enemy – Jennifer Moore (historical romance)
  16. My Sister’s Intended – Rachael Anderson (Regency romance)
  17. Second Chance in Paradise – Jennifer Peel (contemporary second chance romance)
  18. The Songs that Brought Me Back – Mylissa Demeyere (contemporary romance)
  19. Long Journey Home – Sarah Eden (historical romance)
  20. The Promise of Home – Michele Paige Holmes (historical romance)

Below I’ve listed all the books I read this year (* shows those I rated 5 stars on Amazon; bold titles are shown above in the Top 10 or Honorable Mention).

Nonfiction (6)

  • *Saints – Standard of Truth (1815-1846) – Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Historical)
  • *The Lincoln Hypothesis – Timothy Ballard (historical)
  • *The Like Switch – Jack Schafer (how-to influence people)
  • The Life of Our Lord by Charles Dickens (historical)
  • Creating Your Forever Family – Rachel Sullivan (inspirational)
  • Million Dollar Outlines – David Farland (writing)

Thriller (2)

  • *The Bone Curse – Carrie Rubin
  • *Slave Queen – H.B. Moore

Fantasy (2)

  • *Words of Radiance #2 – Brandon Sanderson
  • *The Way of Kings #1 – Brandon Sanderson


Medieval Romance (1)

  • *Heart of Red, Blood of Blue – Rebecca Belliston

Chick Lit (2)

  • *Just a Name by Becky Monson
  • Dating the Prince – Alina Snow

Suspense Romance (2)

  • *Tripwire – Traci Hunter Abramson
  • To Love a Spy – Laura Beers

Young Adult Romance (3)

  • *The Avery Shaw Experiment – Kelly Oram
  • *Perfectly Oblivious – Robin Daniels
  • *The Libby Garrett Intervention – Kelly Oram

Holiday Romance (4)

  • *Hawaiian Holiday – Michelle Paige Holmes
  • *Violin Words – Taylor Dean
  • *A Christmas Carol in Romance – Franky Brown
  • The Christmas Stand-in Date – Rachel John

Paranormal Romance (8)

  • *Lightning Struck #3 – Nichole Van
  • *A Madness Most Discreet #4 – Nichole Van
  • *Lovers and Madmen #0– Nichole Van
  • *Love’s Shadow #2 – Nichole Van
  • *Gladly Beyond #1 – Nichole Van
  • *Lady of Breken Manor – Heather B. Moore
  • Brightest Kind of Darkness – P.T. Michelle
  • Beauty and the Clockwork Beast – Nancy Campbell Allen (steampunk)

Historical Romance (13)

  • *A Dangerous Legacy – Elizabeth Camden
  • *The Shipbuilder’s Wife – Jennifer Moore
  • *Love Remains – Sarah Eden
  • *My Dearest Enemy – Jennifer Moore
  • *Long Journey Home – Sarah Eden
  • *The Promise of Home – Michele Paige Holmes
  • *The Heart of Thornewell – Anita Stansfield
  • *Scarlet – Jen Geigle Johnson
  • *Lady Fallow’s Secrets – S.G. Rogers
  • *Saving Marilee – Annette Larsen
  • Blemish – Jewel Allen
  • The Fox of Cordovia – Linda Weaver Clarke
  • Tailor Made – Annette Lyon

Regency Romance (17)

  • *Refine #4 – Nichole Van
  • *Divine #2 – Nichole Van
  • *Clandestine #3 – Nichole Van\
  • *Intertwine #1 – Nichole Van
  • *Outshine #5 – Nichole Van
  • *My Brother’s Bride – Rachael Anderson
  • *Seeing Miss Heartstone – Nichole Van
  • *My Sister’s Intended – Rachael Anderson
  • *Incognita – Jaima Fixsen
  • *A Highlander’s Hidden Heart – Julie Coulter Bellon
  • *The Husband Mission – Regina Scott
  • * *The Stars Above Northumberland – Anita Stansfield
  • *A Night in Grosvenor Square – several authors
  • *A Grand Tour – collected authors
  • Loving Lieutenant Lancaster – Sarah Eden
  • Tabitha’s Folly – Jen Geigle Johnson
  • Night at the Opera – Stacy Henrie

Contemporary Romance (31)

  • *The Secretive Wife (Celebrity) – Jennifer Peel
  • *A Me and You Thing – Taylor Dean
  • *The Smallest Part – Amy Harmon
  • *#Starstruck – Sariah Wilson (celebrity)
  • *#Moonstruck – Sariah Wilson (Celebrity)
  • *The Sidelined Wife – Jennifer Peel
  • *Narcissistic Tendencies – Jennifer Peel
  • *When I’m Gone – Emily Bleeker
  • * The Dragons of Alsace Farm – Laurie Lewis
  • *Second Chance in Paradise – Jennifer Peel
  • *The Songs that Brought Me Back – Mylissa Demeyere
  • *Beauty IS the Beast – Jenni James (fairy tale retold)
  • *At the Stroke of Midnight – Kate Palmer (fairy tale retold)
  • *Love for Keeps (Sports) – Maria Hoagland
  • *Far From Falling – K.D. Garcia
  • *Torn Canvas #2 – Donna Weaver
  • *The Songs of You and Me – Mylissa Demeyere
  • *Love’s Journey Home – Julie Coulter Bellon
  • *The Practically Romantic Groom – Maria Hoagland
  • Seeking Mr. Perfect – Jennifer Youngblood
  • The Unwanted Assistant – Evangeline Kelly (fairy tale retold)
  • Where I Belong – Heather B. Moore
  • The Combustible Engagement – Maria Hoagland
  • Moot Court – Jennifer Griffith
  • Engaging Mr. Darcy – Rachel John
  • Unforgettable – Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen (mystery)
  • Worth the Risk – Heather B. Moore
  • Hawaiian Masquerade – Rachelle Christensen
  • The Bodyguard’s Fake Marriage – Bree Livingston
  • Write Me Home – Crystal Walton
  • Seeking Mr. Debonair – Cami Checketts

Rereads (16)

  • Book of Mormon (nonfiction)
  • Eyes of Light -Stastny (suspense)
  • Secret Keepers -Stastny (suspense)
  • Game Changer -Stastny (contemporary)
  • Package Deal -Stastny (contemporary)
  • Collateral Hearts -Stastny (contemporary)
  • Between Hope & the Highway -Stastny (contemporary)
  • Pimpernel-Royal Ball -Wilson (suspense)
  • Cheyenne -Peel (contemporary)
  • Unlovable -Guymon (contemporary)
  • Unbelievable -Guymon (contemporary)
  • Unbearable -Guymon (contemporary)
  • How to Get Over your ex in 90 Days -Peel (contemporary)
  • The Songs of You and Me -Demeyere (contemporary)
  • A Me & You Thing -Dean (contemporary)
  • Violin Words (contemporary)

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  1. So honored!!!! Thank you for your kind words. And wow on that much reading! Romance is my fav genre to read, so now I have a bunch of books to add to my to-read pile. Happy reading in 2019!

  2. Thanks for including A Me and You Thing on your list!!! That put a smile on my face today!!! It’s a huge honor to be on a favorites list. HUGE! Thank you! I also love that Violin Words made your honorable mention list. You have a list of some really amazing books here and now I want to read them all. You are an amazing reader! ❤️

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